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Submit your model illustration

submit your model

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we print in 3D

We use Polyjet 3D Printing Technology

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we ship it to you

We ship most orders within 24 - 48 hours


Pricing is based on the longest dimention of your part and the desired material.
For example, a rubber o-ring with a diameter of 1” and height of 0.5” costs $10.95.

Longest Dimention
(height, width, depth or diameter)
TangoBlack FLX973
up to 1" $10.95 $11.95
up to 2" $15.95 $17.95
up to 4" $22.95 $24.95
up to 6" $29.95 $31.95
up to 8" $39.95 $42.95

Free domestic shipping on all parts.

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Megan B.

“We have been ordering parts a few times now,
and are always pleased with the quality"
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Brian R.

“You guys are definitely my #1 place to shop for all custom and small appliance parts I need"